Nope ★★★★

still a great time — the recurring themes of our attraction to tragedy through the lens of a camera remains really strong and thoughtful. 
i think the title NOPE felt like an odd silly title at first, but i think that's just our natural response to seeing something fucked up on the internet. 'nope' 
people are so desensitised to traumatic media in news and online content that all we can do as a coping mechanism is comment 'NOPE'

watching this with an older family friend made me realise how much the themes here can easily go over peoples heads.
the general vibe and whispering discussion of the crowd afterwards was 'what was with that scene?' or 'i'm confused about this'.
almost felt like i was the only person who was in on it which was odd.
i think there's a balance of more arthousey themes and big loud blockbuster spectacle that's not gelling enough for people here, which might be creating a disconnect for some general audiences. 
but maybe that's peele's point?
i still dug it!

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