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  • The Isle

    The Isle


    What an ending sequence!! That goes beyond genius!

    Ki-Duk Kim has a super unique ability to create and find love in very strange places, among extremely complicated individuals and under brutish, yet somehow poetic conditions.

    The isle makes the most complicated love stories, that were ever shown in movies, some sort of a traditional love stories in a way. It goes beyond that, it touches the roots of sexuality, love, passion and attraction; in their both barbaric and romantic forms, and mix that combination in a stunning visual work.

    Again, what a memorable ending sequence! That could not ever be forgotten.

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    I would say it's a masterclass of its genre.

    Brilliant use of sound, booming performance of every single role in the film, mesmerizing opening sequence, and freezing-hair-whiting-nerve-damaging tension from the very first second to the very last moment of the movie.

    Krasinski, that was just pure genius!

  • 9



    Strangely "9" years later, I feel the need or desire to re-watch it again.

    I remember I was completely amazed back then when I watched it for the first time, yet it was completely different the second one.

    I would not deny, that I still believe the world, where the movie takes place is marvelously dark or darkly marvelous, that including the world's design, the characters, the colors and their mixture.

    I would also say that the story or the…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    One of the very few movies that the more you watch it, the more you appreciate it. It simply never gets old.

    I have lost count of how many times have I watched it since 2015 til now, and the more I do, the higher it ascends as a masterpiece of its genre for me.

    The intensity, the adrenaline-rush, the breath-taking and extreme atmosphere of the whole movie, it is all on a whole new level.

    The details in designing…