Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

*no spoilers*
For dealing with such tough subject matter, 'Promising Young Woman' is incredibly entertaining. Using b-movie trappings to not only make this a more enjoyable watch, but to make its messages hit harder. In short, this hits harder than any Oscar baity drama. It is uncommon to see such a confrontational film sweep awards season, yet I am glad that it has. This is a film that dares you to have a strong opinion of it, and whether that be positive or negative, at least you talk. This is a film that is going to be remembered for much longer than 'Chicago 7' and 'Nomadland,' and for as long as it is talked about, people will talk, and think, about what this film depicts; and hate it or love it, you must admit that this is in one way or another important.

And for 6 minutes shy of 2 hours, I have watched a candy drenched pop opera nightmare. Mulligan and Burnham are electric on screen, and both deliver some of the best performances of recent memory. The colours pop off the screen, hyper saturated pinks and light, girly blues. Cassandra is obviously a girly girl, and we have been trained through media into thinking that this means that her voice is less important (it isn't). She is the girl who dreamt of a prince charming, however due unusual circumstances, she woke up to the artificiality of that dream. And casting comedians in their roles only exaggerates this, this is the reality of almost every rom-com you have seen. What in a film is cute, is in reality poisonous and harmful.

And wow, it just hit hardest to me right now. I started off writing this review with a lower star rating, but I cannot get this out of my head. This may be quite flawed, yet it is still something that will stick with me for a long time, and wow is it worthy of my attention. The pop songs juxtaposing with the actions on screen; from the twisted satire on rom-coms to the excellent performances, everything here clicked with me. I have just had one of the most visceral cinematic experiences of the last year, and I had such a good time with 'Promising Young Woman.' Watch this, whether you love it, hate it, or anything in between, you are not going to forget Cassandra any time soon.

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