Dunkirk ★★★★★

Yes I gave in to Chris Nolan's capitalist hype and went to see this again, this time in 70mm IMAX. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life as it was the first film I have ever seen in IMAX. Here are brief thoughts about this experience that I type with very shaky hands:

-my seat is shaking 
-the cinematography !!!!
-Cillian Murphy is my favourite Irish man, in fact he's my favourite white man, in fact he's my favourite man, in fact he's my favourite person 
-Hans Zimmer is so goddamn talented I want to scream
-I never want this to end
-I'm crying a lot 
-the plane landing on the beach while the sun is setting behind it,,, iNVENTED CINEMA
-I would die for this entire cast and crew
-it's over and I'm sad
-not as emotionally draining as the first time I saw it mainly because I was in awe of the sound quality and visuals lol 
-I need to see it again...tomorrow?

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