I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

This is hardcore, unrelenting, badass cinema full to the brim with intense performances from the three main actors. Margot Robbie is unbelievable. She grasped the character of Tonya Harding with both hands and became the true embodiment of desire, dedication and desperation. It will be a travesty if she does not receive a best actress nomination from the academy. Sebastian Stan deserves more recognition for his role in this film. He is really fantastic, allowing the pure unadulterated aggression of his character take over every aspect of his performance. And Alison Janney deserves all the rave reviews she is recieving, what a powerhouse performance she delivers.

This film does not once claim to tell the truth, nor does it claim not to tell the truth. The true story of what happened between Tonya, Jeff, Nancy, Shawn and the many other players in that twisted game is only known by a select few. But the thing that everyone knows for a fact is, Tonya Harding went through some extreme shit in her life - things that are intense and difficult to watch in the film, but essential - but she landed the triple axel.

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