Nani Sarakam (నాని)

Nani Sarakam (నాని)

my ratings don't mean anything

Favorite films

  • C/o Kancharapalem
  • Call Me by Your Name
  • High and Low
  • City of God

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  • A Quiet Place Part II


  • Luca

  • Alma Matters: Inside the IIT Dream

  • Black Widow

Recent reviews

  • Allen v. Farrow

    Allen v. Farrow

    I know people hate Woody Allen but never knew for what reason. well, now I know.

  • Vakeel Saab

    Vakeel Saab

    vakeel saab feels more like a puff piece for pavan kalyan to satisfy his own political ego rather than be an actual film about gender politics and empowerment. as if pink wasn't already preachy enough, the writers here go full throttle on that virtue signalling surface level dialogue.
    also had the great previlige of watching this film with my hardcore Incel roommates who were basically hooting and whistling while that scene was happening. they also happen to be anti PK. wow! ain't that convenient!

    all this culminated to become my greatest worst film experience in my entire life.
    my head Hurts while I type this.

Popular reviews

  • Away


    Bro! One man animated this whole film. ONE MAN! Written, directed, edited and even scored by filmmaker Gints Zilbalodis, this film is beautiful and surreal. You're not gonna find any Pixar level animation here but what you're definitely gonna find an ample of heart. Definitely 10/10 for the effort! Imagine if ICO game studios ever made made an animated film. Gave me huge shadow of the collosus vibes. Loved each and every second of it! Highly recommended!

  • Pogaru


    3 hrs of super duper hyper masculinity at it's peak.
    Telugu/Kannada masala cinema at it's fullest form.