Burning ★★★★

was feeling quirky so i decided to start a 
 watching whatever the person in front of me on letterbox watched challenge!!! 😱🎥🙏🏽⭐️
so i opened letterbox and this was the most recent movie  i saw and i was like omg this is so long wtf. but i got my kpop stan bella and watched it bc i was committed.. anyway DIDNT EXPECT THIS FO BE WHAT IT WAS AT ALLLL. it’s very slow paced but i’m good with slow movies and i was entertained and then it gets SO DARK???? AND MYSTERIOUS AND IM SO CONFUSEDD AND LIKE.... OMFG. what the hell. i’m so gonna continue letting my random letterbox mutuals pick what i watch. OMFG JUST SAW AN EXPLIMATIOM FOR IT AND IM COMPLETELY ... rattled. 
bias 💫 : haemi. like... i love her she needs justice. and her cat I LOVE HER CAT it was also really nice seeing steven here bc he was a familiar face <3

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