Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

i saw gone girl with my mom when i was maybe 15 and i remember liking it okay but not really caring that much - i was probably on my phone the whole time. since then, i have become interested in film and heard people praising gone girl as a religious experience. hearing that, i've wanted to rewatch this for maybe a year, maybe longer, but the actual deed of picking this film to rewatch took me a while. mostly because while i've gotten more interested in film, i've gotten less interested in ben affleck.

anyways, it's day whatever of the coronavirus quarantine, i've already watched two films, and i'm feeling like watching something familiar. i look up netflix, hbo, prime, and almost pick imagine me & you. then, out of nowhere, a thought pops up. hey, remember gone girl? so i go on netflix again, see it's there, and decide that yeah, it's gone girl time.

i've seen this film before, i know what happens. it doesn't matter. i don't' throw around the word perfect that often, but now's the time. i wouldn't change a single thing in this film. rosamund pike is phenomenal in what is probably one of the best performances of the decade. god, i'm speechless. i'm really glad i watched this tonight.

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