Why Worry?

Why Worry? ★★★★


Somewhat slight, perhaps, especially coming on the heels of something as strong as Safety Last! as it does. But this tale of Lloyd - a hypochondriac and bona fide Fancy Lad - who repairs south of the border to recover from his various illnesses, only to find himself in the middle of an armed revolution, end sup being a truly wonderful, winsome piece of work.

The hangout vibes that commence once Lloyd acquires his eight-foot-tall tree trunk of a sidekick are wildly endearing, and the romance between Lloyd and his long-suffering nurse ends up coming across as weirdly sweet (which seems impossible on paper, but there you have it).

Having seen Safety Last! . a couple of times before, I wasn't as surprised and thrilled by its overall narrative thrust (even if the individual sequences still left me gobsmacked) as I was by the comparatively simple approach taken here. Of course, I was completely unfamiliar with this going in, so please feel free to take the effusiveness of my delight with a grain of salt accordingly.