Burning ★★★★

This movie is like a 1000 piece puzzle where you only get 700 pieces and once you’ve put them all together you realize that the picture doesn’t match what you thought it would be. Ambiguity is this movie’s strongest point but even when you think you’ve gotten a hold on what happens you find a whole new story that you didn’t know was there at first that needs to be analyzed as well. And that’s what will keep you so enthralled in the seemingly mundane first half of this story where it feels like it can go in a multitude of directions and still feel amazing. What seems like a cute, dream-like love story at first quickly turns into a harrowing nightmare. And like a dream, the end leaves you confused about what actually happened. Every aspect of every moment of this film is absolutely fascinating, from the breath-taking cinematography to the brilliant performances by all three of the main leads. Truly something exceptional and transcendent that needs to be seen by everyone. I still have so much to process here but I can definitively say that I was blown away here.

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