I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★

"Go on. Skate."

this was... extremely good and extremely bad at the exact same... time?

listen, first of, i dont care about american figure skating. obviously. i never in my life cared for a second about tonya harding or nancy kerrigan or you name them, i didnt give a fuck.

what i mean to say is that this two hour film held my attention throughout well enough for me to sit through the story of a person i didnt give a fuck about beforehand. thats something.

what i mean to say further is, that the editing for this... i loved it. i loved most of the performances. i fucking LOVED allison janey. she was literally grandiose. i also loved... this film does not try to make itself better than it is. it makes clear that we are still... kinda fuzzy on many details and it leaves you to make up your own opinion. even the parts where "tonya" is trying to make us feel sorry for her, they are framed in a way that makes clear that this is lowkey manipulatory. by her. not the film endorses this, almost. like... there were some choices made in editing that i really really enjoyed.

the entire story is honestly depressing. i dont even want to get into the fact that tonyas upbringing is part of why she even fucked with jeff and fucking with jeff is what cost her her career in the end and its all just so fucking tragic and depressing and wrong and that is why i loved the editing so much bc if not for the comedic editing choices this would be so god damn fucking SAD and i wouldnt have been able to go there, honestly.

there are many many aspects to this but mostly, i was... enjoying (? sounds awful to say it like that tbh) myself with this. very interesting overall.