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  • Watchmen



    As a fan of the film and the graphic novel, I was excited but unsure of this new addition to the Watchmen universe. After the first episode though, I was hooked. Regina King is excellent as Angela Abar, bringing equal parts toughness and vulnerability to the character. Everyone involved in the show did a great job putting their own stamp on the program. I’m glad that they decided to make this an extension of the source material rather than a…

  • San Andreas

    San Andreas


    This whole movie is basically just The Rock surviving an earthquake because he’s “built different.”

    Also the dude that plays Reed Richards in the OG Fantastic 4 was in this and it made me realize that I hadn’t seen him in another movie since Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    The concept was cool and Charlize Theron kills it as usual, but the plot is pretty predictable

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    It’s like “Get Out” except all the characters are white.