The Mirror

The Mirror ★★★★★

Recommended by the safdie brothers in their adventures in moviegoing on the criterion channel. And watched on the criterion channel.

Dude... this film is so fucking beautiful. It’s the most raw film I’ve ever seen. I can see sooooo much safdie influence from this film. All I could think about is the female character in heaven only knows what, and how she’s juvenile, lost, scared but also somewhat independent when she wants to be just like Mina. 

When the movie switched to reality from surrealism I was seriously shook. I’ve never seen a film make a transition so well or transition like that at all. We then get to see the heart and soul of Iran. It’s almost like a time capsule of a fly on the wall. We get to hear about gender roles, historic sports victories, feelings of the older generations and peoples attitude towards others and everyday life.

My favorite part is when she went up to the old lady who was previously on the bus during the film part. We kind of get to come full circle and although it’s a brief moment in time, it shows that Mina has a heart of gold. It’s just so crazy because as a viewer, I felt like I was in Mina’s shoes. As the film goes on we also get to see the map that is in Mina’s head unfold before our eyes. We see the fountain, we see the shops, we see her home and it is all so extremely real.

This film is a product of intelligence. It is a reminder that humans are autonomous. We are free thinkers and looking at the state of Iran in 2020, people are still not allowed to be completely autonomous. This film and its candid statements Are so fucking beautiful.

I’m completely blown away.

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