Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★★

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Donnie Darko is a film that has a very unusual style of storytelling and combines many different elements that work very well together.

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First of all, this is a combination of mysticism and science fiction, in which supernatural elements have completely scientific explanations. The film also works well as a horror, despite the fact that nothing scary really happens. It is worth noting that the film is very successful in maintaining the intrigue - until the climax, we have no idea whether everything that is happening is real or is it the result of a sick imagination of a problem teenager?

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At the same time, despite the mystical and fantastic background, the film is also a school drama about the life of a teen. We are introduced into the everyday life of Donnie Darko, who has many problems in his personal life (but also has a very cool name). 
And in the end, this is a great movie about time travel. I would even say in some way it is the Butterfly Effect done right.

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Of course, the star of the film is the young Jake Gyllenhaal. The guy is very talented. Despite the character’s melancholically attitude, he plays out a wide range of emotions and perfectly shows “entering” of the character into the supernatural world.

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As for the other actors, I want to highlight Jenna Malone. The role is secondary, but I have long liked her as an actress and here she looked very convincing. In general, the cast is well-chosen. It was also fun to see Seth Rogen in his debut role and also Drew Barrymore.
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I would also like to mention Frank. He has a very cool design that scares the hell out of every appearance.

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And, of course, the ending. The scene turns upside down everything that has happened accompanied by a beautiful and touching song. For me personally, the ending made Donnie Darko one of the most likable characters in the cinema, and since I am quite a sentimental person, I could not do without tears.

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In the end, I want to say that Donnie Darko is an incredible film and will definitely be on my list of favorites.  

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However, the ending left me in a depressed state, and for a long time I will not be able to move away from it...

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Wormhole opened

Donnie Darko seems like a shitty movie, so I’m not gonna watch it! Do not expect any review from me.

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