The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Aye-aye folks!

Do ye wants t' hear th' tale o' th' Lighthouse? Aye, ye heard right - 'tis a new film by Robert Eggers about two crazy fellas who spent on a rock th' Davy Jones knows how much time while th' weather was really nasty outside 'n 'til they wanted t' scuttle each other from hopelessness.

Lighthouse be a soul-wrenchin' tale, where fantastic elements are located on th' verge o' reality. Ye feel hallucinations 'n mysticism that commandeered th' mind o' th' hero o’ Robert Pattinson, who gives his best performance. Willem Dafoe does nah lag behind either, forcin' yer hair t' stand on end wit' his piercin' gaze o' th' ole sailor.

Th' ominous atmosphere o' loneliness, horror ‘n mystic forces t' squeeze stronger in a chair, while an inexplicable sight be created on th' screen. Stunnin' shanties only enhances th' grotesque o' wha' be happenin'. By far one o' th' most memorable 'n unusual films o' th' year.

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