Us ★★★★½

Us is a fantastic follow up. Like a model who suddenly figured out their angles Jordan Peele has discovered how to create iconic images in collaboration with stellar cinematography and is more beautiful for it. We already knew Peele was good with actors but holy crap did he get performances out of this cast. Lupita Nyong'o is already on my end of the year spreadsheet for best actress. I loved Winston Duke’s goofy dad and Elizabeth Moss is obviously having so much fun being the worst, and then....let just say she has even more fun. 

There is a lot going on in this film. A lot of ideas and Peele is taking a big swing with this movie. I will admit that not everything lands perfectly. However, I would rather a filmmaker take risks and try and take chances and 95% of it work than play it safe and have 100% of it work. That’s how an artist grows and makes better films. Many scenes were big gambles visually for Peele and when he sticks the landing it’s incredible. I still cannot get certain shots out of my head not beacause they were scary but beacause they were beautiful. If this is Jordan Peele’s sophmore slump we are in for one hell of a film career!

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