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  • Harakiri



    It’s been awhile since I’ve been this fully immersed in and blow away by a film. This is flawless filmmaking from Kobayashi on just about every single level. Every frame is absolutely captivating and it’s meticulous pacing creates palpable tension throughout. The dialogue slices through the screen with razor sharp eloquence, often times sneering at the feudal system in place or highlighting the hypocrisy running rampant through the samurai code. It’s an extremely forward thinking piece of art. I have…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    *spoilers/personal interpretations*

    This still remains one of the most enthralling pieces of cinema I’ve encountered. Originally an extended pilot for a series than never launched, this is an amalgamation of Lynch’s own dreams/ ambitions for said project while also operating as a deconstruction of Hollywood/film industry that simultaneously exists in the surreal world of Diane/Betty. Lynch’s grasp on dream logic is uncanny as everything we see is slightly skewed to a degree but still rooted in real experiences. The way…

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  • Yourself and Yours

    Yourself and Yours


    Third film from Hong Sangsoo and although I admire the ambition his work has left me mostly indifferent and unaffected. A soju/beer fueled jigsaw puzzle centered around the components of love and identity. It all coverages to create cinematic white noise. I do think this probably deserves a rewatch somewhere down the road.

  • Wind



    Wow. Imagine being able to freeze frame the most harrowing and delicate moments of your life. As free as a bird soaring through cold grey skies and as heavy as an anchor at the bottom of the sea.

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  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    Pacino gives a terrific performance as an inexperienced, bewildered crook fueled by a bizarre set of circumstances and motives. The runtime does drag somewhat from the midway point to the finale whereas the first half carries alot more momentum. I can’t help but see how this has gone on to inspire films such as After Hours or even something like Good Time. This is one of the blueprints for a specific type of seedy, nerve racking NYC drama. 

    The guy who kills me...I hope he does it because he hates my guts, not because it’s his job.”

  • Irreversible



    Finally worked up the courage to rewatch this after many years. This is singlehandedly one of the most punishing and challenging pieces of cinema I’ve sat through. Noe deploys a dizzying torrent of camera wizardry that invokes a calculated and nauseating sense of devastation on just about every level. The unfathomable cruelty humanity is capable of on full display captured through an unblinking eye. I’m very much aware that many will not have the same experience as I whereas Noe’s approach…