Vox Lux ★★★½

Initaitlly very impressed with Corbet’s bleak and yet mesmerizing attention to detail. The opening credits were jarring as we see Celeste’s life hang in the balance, the credits rolling as though the film is over and the story has come to an end although they’re scrolling in reverse symbolizing her journey is not over. The establishing push in shots of NYC set to a haunting and droning score were striking. These possibly overlooked moments stood out most to me. 

Cassidy commands anytime she’s on screen portraying adolescence in a very real way. Her performance outshines Portman’s, I just wasn’t totally sold on Portman which I know many would disagree. We witness the dichotomy between fame and tragedy and how it’s perceived by others. The third act loses me to some degree where i felt it could resound with others affected by tragedy. 
The film deals with so much fragile material that sort of just keeps piling and piling up. In the end it’s about Celeste and how she navigates these turbulent waters. I appreciate how it has nothing to do with pop music per se(echoed by the very sterile cinematography in the finale)but how it’s used as vessel to cope...affect others...escape...progress...flaunt etc.

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