I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★½

I think I made my tribute video too early......

I, Tonya is a brilliantly written, stylishly directed, and incredibly well-acted look at perhaps the most infamous name in figure skating. I loved the way Craig Gillespie directed the film in a semi-mockumentary style which gave the movie something a little more. The script is fantastic here as well, the fourth wall breaks work great, and this is the kind of movie that really takes the unreliable narrator technique and it's quite effective. The performances are phenomenal here as well, with Margot Robbie giving easily the best performance in her career and deserves all the acclaim she's been getting. Allison Janney is terrific here as well and completely transforms into her role. Sebastian Stan has not been given enough credit for how great he is here. Overall, very surprised by just how much I loved this film, one of 2017's very best.

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