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  • Escape from Tomorrow

    Escape from Tomorrow


    So I watched this film because I was bored and yeah this film didn’t excite me. Some neat visuals here and there I mean how this film was made is impressive due to the circumstances. The film sucked at tone and some of the performances were cheesy as hell, like I understand that it’s shot illegally in Disneyland  but Christ were some of the performances embarrassing. So I didnt care much for this film.

  • Mom and Dad

    Mom and Dad


    It’s very very dumb but hilarious. Nicolas cage is just insane in this film and I love it, the only thing that keeps this film from being bad is Nicolas Cage but the film doesn’t focus on him as much as I thought making some scenes unbearable though the film never takes itself seriously and is incredibly short. The characters are blank slates and there are some very unnecessary flashbacks sequences but the film doesn’t stray to far from the meat of the film. Definitely not great but works well as a so bad that it’s good film.

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  • Us



    After Jordan Peeles surprisingly great horror debut Get Out I was quite excited for what he had in store next so here is his new film US and it was enjoyable, I enjoyed US enough and might even watch it again but it is nowhere near as smart and creepy as Get Out. 

    I was never bored in fact I was keen to find out what the film meant and how it’ll end, it does grab your attention very early…

  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    What an experience. Very strange, colourful film that needs to be watched to believe. Although there's some resemblance of a story it in no way stands out above the films incredible and creative imagery. The sets made for this film are very pleasing to the eye.  Not a traditional story structure.
    There's not really a set genre for this film, I experienced so different emotions while watching it. 
    I really recommend checking this film out but it isn't really for everyone but certainly an experience every film lover should go through.