Amour ★★★★

“C'est drole… Je ne sais pas si je sois vous le dire, mais quand je suis entré, je me souviens lorsque je l'ai entendu faire l'amour, quand elle était petite. Et m'a apporté la paix de l'esprit. Il m'a fait sentir que aimés et que nous serions ensemble pour toujours.”

The last film I watched was The Father (2020), whose plot unfolds from a man who is aging with a degenerative disease. Weeks later I watch Amour, which tells the story of a woman who is aging with a degenerative disease alongside her partner. It turns out that I only realized the connection of these two films after I saw a psychoanalyst's analysis of The Father (and who quoted Amour). Both films have the same theme: the challenge of aging and even more with a disease. The world population is aging. Are we prepared for this? Who do we want to be with us in this process?