Jaws ★★★★

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

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I guess 2020 is the year where I see so many iconic films, Jaws being the most recent of them. Yes, I’m shocked I hadn’t ever seen it too. I was a little afraid that this film would show its age, but it didn’t at all.

What’s great is that this story was so fresh and unique for its time. Nowadays, there’s so many cheesy shark movies, but this has still managed to be original and timeless. I even think how they did the shark was fantastic and still holds up in 2020. That really impressed me. 

The true magic of this movie comes in the final hour, where they are on the boat and it’s just non stop action. It’s so tense and your heart is racing inside every moment. They did a great job sprinkling in jump scares while not overusing them just to keep the audience tense. Every single scene in that last hour is amazing.

While this was a very fun time and does a lot of great things, I don’t think it’s a perfect film. That first hour takes awhile to get going and while it’s not boring by any means, it does drag at times. There’s also a severe lack in character development. They try to develop some supporting characters, but they end up being pretty shallow.

This definitely isn’t Spielberg’s best, as I think Saving Private Ryan and Jurassic Park are several steps ahead of this film, but it’s still great. I just don’t see it as a masterpiece like many people do. It definitely has some issues, and that’s okay. For the whole package, Jaws is a great film and one that lives up to it’s all time classic reputation.

Rating: A-

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