Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★

“Don't you know history repeats itself?”

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While the opening to the original Scream is unmatched, the intro to Scream 2 is pretty damn good as well. Where most films start off with introductions, slot build, and plot set up, Scream 2 goes for it right away with a knock out 10 minute scene. This was probably my favorite scene in the whole film.

I think Wes Craven and his team do a solid job connecting this film to the original. It definitely feels like a coherent story, which many sequels struggle to do. While the story wasn’t overall as strong as the original, it was still entertaining.

My big issue here though is the reveal. I’m not a fan of who the killer is and why they decide to be the killer. I just don’t buy it or the reasons they give. It was pretty lame to be honest. And with a mystery like this, the reveal truly matters. Overall, this film had some solid moments and was fun, but had quite a few missteps.

Rating: B-

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