Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

“It’s easy to fool people when they’re already fooling themselves.”

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Let me admit, I was too hard on this film in the past. I will say, when I saw this film in theaters, it was literally the worst movie experience I have had in my entire life. So that definitely didn’t contribute. Not saying that’s the reason why I was against this film, but that definitely played a part.

Under my own circumstances and watching it the proper way, I enjoyed this much more the second time around. This film does a fantastic job of connecting Spiderman to Endgame while still standing on its own two legs. We are able to see where the world is and how they are reacting to “the blip.” Although I think it’s extremely unrealistic for there to be a cross country school trip, it’s otherwise pretty accurate for how the world would react.

Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic as Mysterio, just as much as he’s fantastic in everything he’s in. He is so talented and he was a great fit to follow up Michael Keaton as the next Spiderman villain. Behind those two actors and performances, it’s really incredible the talents they got for these Spiderman films. Finally, the best part of this film isn’t even technically in the film. The two post credit scenes are riveting and are some of the best in the entire MCU. They are absolutely crazy and incredible.

I still have some issues with this film overall though. First, they definitely get too joke heavy and sacrifice some important moments for jokes. Yes, they are high schoolers and this should be a funny movie, but you can make it funny without trying to appeal to 14 year olds with every joke told. Specifically with the door being wide open during an important conversation or during a costume change, that happens three separate times.

I also think there’s a motivation issue with Mysterio. I hate that the two main Spiderman villains, Vulture and Mysterio, both are motivated because they hate Tony Stark. These aren’t Iron Man films, the villain should have a problem with our main character. I love that they included things from past films, like Iron Man and Civil War and showed those old clips, because it brings even more relevance to those films. But for Mysterio to do all of this simply because he was dissed by Tony, I don’t buy that motivation at all. To be a fake superhero? Sure, for all the fame and glory. That works fine, just abandon the Stark stuff. I’ve always had a problem with Mysterio’s motivations. Finally, I doubt that Peter could take down and evade Edith’s defense system. It’s so high powered and has billions of dollars in security, and Peter alone can take them down? That’s just unrealistic. I know he has Spider senses, but come on. Billions of dollars in security can’t stop one guy?

I’m glad I revisited this film because I’m more positive on it now than I was last time. While I still think it’s far from top shelf MCU, it is still a good entry to the universe. The post credit scenes set up for a great third movie in this trilogy, and I can’t wait to see what they do. Plus, they wrote MJ like a real human in this film and not like a goth robot. Yay!

Rating: B+

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