Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★★½

86/100 (3)

A big upgrade on my third viewing. Guardians of the Galaxy looks so good. I love the fact that we're moving into a period where superhero/sci-fi movies can have a color palette that includes primary colors. Star Trek: Beyond and X-Men: Apocalypse both look like 1980's sci-fi/comic books and Suicide Squad is awash in color. While, Guardians of the Galaxy can't be completely responsible for this shift, it's a welcome one.

I also enjoy the Guardians more and more with each viewing. I particularly like the tension between Gamora and Star Lord. Is there any other recent movie where the extras look so interesting (aside from that brief cantina sequence in The Force Awakens, maybe)?

The biggest fault I find with GOTG are some moments of bad exposition, that scene with Thanos, and some of the fight editing, but those are things I find myself more and more willing to forgive as time goes on. I love these characters.