Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★½

Arguably holding the greatest impact on the series, for introducing the iconic hockey mask that Jason shall wear forever while slashing horny teenagers who dare to enter his territory. Aside from this, Part III is a poor and repetitive version of the first film, and I find it to be the weakest out of the original era (parts 1-4).

The slasher formula that's made this series popular, is beginning to wear thin three times down, and shoehorning a backstory for protagonist Chris, who had a brief encounter with Jason during those 5 years he lived as a hermit (between parts 1 & 2) was a weak attempt at adding any depth or character development.

Despite beginning only hours after the last film, there is no continuity whatsoever, Jason's appearance has dramatically changed (his hair is missing), his movements are more stiff, hunched, and to top it off he has literally moved next door to Higgins Haven to begin a new rampage, the guy is just hopping over fences and wiping out everything in-between, then repeating! The cops in this county, useless.

Do the characters not hear the news that a murderous psychopath has just gone on a killing spree and is still at large, so maybe this isn't the weekend to go stay next door and revisit traumatic events from last summer? Cant they go next weekend? How stupid are these people? Chris Higgins doesn't hold a candle to Ginny or Alice as being a final girl, I really just couldn't get into the character or care much about her. Her fate was predictable from the beginning, and its the same generic path that each protagonist in this series goes down, the only difference is that the faces change.

After hearing what this film could have been, with Ginny being in an institution following the fallout from Part 2, she faces Jason once again and perhaps a rampage occurs throughout the hospital, I much would have preferred this concept. Its a shame Amy Steel feared being typecast and turned down reprising her role, I don't think it would have made an amazing film, but better in the sense that it wasn't as repetitive with teens going to the bush for the weekend to get laid and then stabbed. While on this topic, it would be my dream Friday the 13th film if Alice, Ginny, Chris and Trish (from 4) all got in contact with each other decades later and decided to confront Jason for a final showdown, that would be epic.

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