Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★

I once took a COMM 200 class taught by an energetic older man named Dr. Finn. Dr. Finn told us on on the first day that his true passion was not teaching, nor communication, but in fact the art of finding tickets to sold out concerts. He told us this with vigor, and said he was writing a book about it. For decades, he said, he physically arrived to sold out show after sold out show, and he always found someone willing to sell their extra ticket, often for less than 50% of the orignial price.

Dr. Finn would start each class by playing a clip from a concert. Then he would spend 5-15 minutes talking about the band, song, concert, or how he would find tickets to sold out shows.

I'm realizing this reads like a eulogy. It's not; I have no reason to believe he's not alive. But he did play a cip from Stop Making Sense, and I thought to myself, "I should finally watch Stop Making Sense." I did not, until eventually I did.

The following summer, he sent us an email requesting we send him playlists of some music we loved for him to listen to. I found him an ultimately sweet man, so I made one with a theme of talking, with all the songs having titles that referenced words, or speech, or talking, etc. It was a solid and very cute playlist, with the likes of Mitski, AJJ, Diet Cig, Bright Eyes, Haley Heyenderickx, and Spoonboy. He said he would listen to it.

Anyway, this is very great, and I want to watch it with friends and also in a packed theater. I have no doubt my rating will rise when I experience this with a group. I miss concerts very much.

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