Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★½

Watched on glorious VHS!

Great script and premise from maestro Larry Cohen, and while the movie may not be quite as gory as one might expect from a Bill Lustig '80s NYC horror film, it is still nothing but fun and the violence is more than effective. The movie looks great (love that 80s NYC!), the electronic soundtrack by Jay Chattaway is pulsating and moody, the final 20 minutes are a total hoot, and the cast is stacked with greats like Atkins, Campbell, Roundtree, and of course Robert Z'Dar as the titular unstoppable killer. I had never thought of this movie as a slasher but I think it fits the bill, making it one of the best late entries into the genre.

Not scared by or afraid of cops?
Let Maniac Cop show you why you should be!

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