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This review may contain spoilers.

“Only in a world this shitty could you even try to say these were innocent people and keep a straight face. But that's the point. We see a deadly sin on every street corner, in every home, and we tolerate it. We tolerate it because it's common, it's trivial.”

Holy shit.

Not the most poetic or intelligent way to start a review, but the phrase seems to be the only one I could fathom after seeing this film. Se7en is disturbing, dark and what can primarily be classified as a film that is simply unforgettable.

Looking back at Fincher’s filmography that I have been exposed to, it is evident that he does not stick to any formula. He simply creates brilliant films that can’t be classified in the same pile, unless that pile is labelled ‘incredible films’. Fincher’s films are all individually crafted and varied, each with their own unique elements that will leave them being seen as individual works of brilliance for many years to come.

Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman give exceptionally brilliant performances, which is parallel to both the performance that Kevin Spacey so brilliantly executes, and the nature of the film.
It’s hard to analyze a film like this; as to do so, you need to examine and feel connected to all characters. However the disconnection from the audience to John Doe was a well decided element that left most of the film as a connection between those watching the film, and Pitt’s character. That played well with the hard to watch, and completely hard to take in ending. Something that will surely leave me disturbed every time I watch anything remotely similar in nature.

The box is what made this film complete. In so many ways, I wish that box wasn’t there. I wished it didn’t end like that; but it had to. I find that I must come to realize that for a film to impact you in such a vast way, you must take in the emotional stress that is put forth, and realize how well those elements complete the film.

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