The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

There aren't many movies where the plot is unimportant to the actual substance of the film. It sounds contradictory but this movie is only about how it makes you feel. This is an un-spoilable movie. Knowing every plot point wouldn't take away from the experience and everyone will have their own reactions to the film.

It's a movie that captures the feeling of longing for something, and you can't describe what it is or why you feel this way but it's there, it exists, and it's overwhelming.

Extremely gorgeous, the colour palette of overwhelming yellows, reds, and greens all work in service of the warm and reassuring tone.

Brilliantly shot and expertly directed, this is my first of surely many Krzysztof Kieślowski films.

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