Upgrade ★★★★

The fact that Upgrade is a delightful sci-fi action movie with kinetic camerawork and an undercurrent of fear towards artificial intelligence taking over society is not all that surprising. What is surprising is how no one told me in advance this going to be part of 2018's version of the "two similar genre movies to come out in the same year" trend. If 1998 had the likes of Armageddon/Deep Impact and A Bug's Life/Antz, 2018 has the "sci-fi action romp with a bearded man that has newfound abilities and listens to a voice in his head" double feature of Upgrade/Venom. Now it is too early to say which is the better movie, but we do know that in the latter movie, characters pronounce symbiote as "sim-bye-ote". There is nothing in the former film that resembles a boneheaded decision quite like that.

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