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  • Safe
  • Danger: Diabolik
  • The Love Butcher
  • Café Lumière

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  • Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.


  • July Rhapsody

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  • What Price Honesty?

    What Price Honesty?


    absolute ripper, gritty, brutal and relentless, with satisfyingly lurid, exploitation vibe and a face-melter ending. almost unprepared for how bleak it would get. one of those films where you’ll look up the director immediately afterwards to see what else they’ve done, then be taken aback by their scant filmography. a hidden Shaw gem.

  • Cleopatra Wong

    Cleopatra Wong

    a little bit agonizing watching the cropped Dark Sky Films DVD release (which doesn’t look all that much better than a grey market dupe), knowing there’s a 4K restoration out there without a Blu-ray release (at least none that I know of anyway).

    the film remains a hoot-and-a-half after all these years: super-spy-on-the-cheap powered by blaring wah-wah guitar funk, irresistibly goofy dubbing, and Marrie Lee’s slinky charisma.

    also stumbled upon this surprisingly moving little doco on YouTube. worth popping on after if you are remotely curious about the film’s star, director and restoration.

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