Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters of the Third Kind ★★★★★

(Reviewing the 3oth Anniversary Ultimate Edition)

The same sense of adventure and curiosity I had felt in my youth had been awakened from its slumber as I dove deeper into this film! I felt a sense of pure awe towards a director who could access the truly magical world of a child and translate it onscreen with the precise intensity, and attention to details as a wise old sage of filmmaking!

I sat there wide eyed, mouth agape, as if this were my first time! Truth is I know the film by heart it only feels like the first time!

Through this film I can leave behind the cynical, jaded adult I've become and with the help of Spielberg I could embrace the wonder, the joy, the magical world that only exists in a child's fertile mind! It's a journey of discovery of oneself, our better self!

The special effects were truly out of this world! An incredible addition to the sci-fi genre!

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