Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

What's the message the film is trying to convey about marriage I asked myself! Perhaps it was a PSA (public service announcement) like the one that played every night at 10 PM asking parents if they knew where there children were! Except this time the question is husbands do you know what your wife is plotting behind your back!

Or is it simply saying do you really know the person you married! I mean come on everyone puts on their best behavior when they're dating! Everyone tries harder and strives to be a better partner! But over time the façade eventually gives way to reveal ones true self! Once that happens are we prepared to deal with the reality of the true nature of our partners!

Odds are most of us won't have to share our marriage bed with a complete psychopath and only have to deal with petty annoyances like leaving the toilet seat up, dirty clothes strewn all over the floor, or drinking straight out of the milk container!

But Fincher played the "What If" game.. What if we don't really know our partner! What if we don't know what they are truly capable of! Scary thought isn't it! After all we do know that psychopath's do indeed exist and we also know somebody is bedding down with them! So what the question really comes down to is this.. are YOU that somebody!

I enjoyed immensely the commentary on the media's manipulation of the truth for the sake of ratings! Clearly it was a jab at the Nancy Grace program! It gave me a good chuckle!

Couldn't stand either of the main characters as they were both so narcissistic! But if I had to choose a side I'd pick the husband's side as the wife is just so darn evil I half expect to see her head spin like a top! There's never an exorcist around when you need one so picking the husband is just more expedient in the long run!

Majority of the film is top heavy with drama however there was one scene that may extract a gasp or two out of their unsuspecting audience!

Amy Dunne's (Rosamund Pike) proclivity for getting even may have single handedly caused cheaters to give pause to their cheating ways even if only for a moment ;-)

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