Jaws ★★★★★

My favorite Steven Spielberg film!

One of the most terrifying moments for me as an audience member was when the stranger next to me grabbed my leg during a jump scare scene! To picture my reaction just recall the old Sylvester the cat cartoons, he's hanging upside down his claws so deeply embedded in the ceiling only a crowbar could pry him loose!

I became a shark aficionado after viewing this film! I read books and novels about sharks, viewed films about sharks and I am a shark week fanatic! The only thing I have to show for all of this useless information is a ton of grey hairs that are a result of my son's insistence on swimming in the ocean in Hawaii! I nearly had a coronary when he explained he was bleeding from an injury and didn't leave the ocean immediately! lol

This may sound like random thoughts but in reality it shows the depths this film has influenced my life! I swear I will NEVER EVER go beyond getting my toes wet in the ocean thanks to Bruce the Mechanical Shark!

Let's talk about John William's 2 note soundtrack that sends chills up and down my spine to this very day! The only other soundtrack that can do that is Hermann's soundtrack from Psycho!

Steven Spielberg took many of his directorial cues from the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock! Another one of my favorite directors!

Can you believe it! Next year The Classic/Blockbuster Jaws will be 40 years old! The film has aged well it feels just as exciting and terrifying as it did back in 70's!

The chemistry between the cast was amazing.. and the characters were so believable which helped elevate the film to a higher level!

Roy Scheider as Chief Brody was outstanding! His facial expressions said more about the fear and intensity of this film than mere words could ever express!

Robert Shaw gave one hell of a performance as Quint the shark hunter! His bone chilling recollection of the USS Annapolis tragedy was mesmerizing!

Richard Dreyfuss as Hooper the oceanographer obsessed with sharks gave an incredible performance whether he was there in a professional manner or hamming it up for the cameras for those lighthearted moments!

Bruce the Shark got very little screen time! But when they cued the shark he was larger than life! His performances had more bite than any actor on the big screen!

Extreme storytelling with a shark eating grin!

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