Satantango ★★★★★

My first experience with Bela Tarr was the film The Turin Horse! The visuals were haunting! The story a monotonous journey day in and day out into a black void of complete and utter hopelessness! It was surprising easy to allow myself to be immersed in this bottomless pit of despair and bleakness! Due in part because I could fully relate to the story! It was about simple people living a simple life enduring lifes generous helpings of pain!

Now Satantango was a whole different kettle of fish! While I could easily go knee deep in this murky quagmire of a film there was always something to jerk me from its vice like grip back into reality! I kept being taken out of the moment by the politics infused into the film and at times I felt the story held me at arms length so I was never able to become fully immersed!

I have no regrets watching a film that was approximately 7 hours long other than being upset with Netflix for not sending all 3 disc's together at the same time!

There were unforgettable scenes that will be forever imbedded in my memory! The scene where the 3 men are walking down a street in the middle of a windstorm! Garbage strewn all over the streets was now dancing an arabesque at the will of wind on and around these men! It was one of the most brilliantly shot scenes in cinema history! This scene alone is reason enough to view this film!

Another memorable and lengthy scene involved the tiny community of wayward souls getting completely sloshed and dancing wildly in a dank, sparsely furnished makeshift bar!

While certain elements of the film escaped me it was still a film I will forever cherish and never forget!

The cinematography is a work of art!

But if you are a first timer to Bela Tarr films I suggest you start with The Turin Horse!

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