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This review may contain spoilers.

"No dry eyes during the screening of Steven Spielberg's historical masterpiece! I know I had to wrangle a few rogue tears several times myself! Near the end when Schindler collapsed from grief and guilt and everyone gathered round him to console him I totally lost it! Because by then the full brunt of what I had just witnessed hit me like a ton of bricks!

A film where no one in the audience is allowed to remain a bystander! No one gets out unscathed! It was as close to being an interactive film what with the stomachs churning, eyes wincing or brimming with tears, chills running up and down spines and quivering lips!

Incredible filmmaking and storytelling! Liam Neeson gave a powerhouse performance! I must also point out Ben Kingsley and Ralph Fiennes gave extraordinary performances as well!

An absolutely brilliant and eye opening grim glimpse at the horrors of the holocaust and an inspirational tale of redemption all wrapped up into one!

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