Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

Noir-November Challenge! Movie #18

The first time I became aware of the character Norma Desmond was from comedic skits on the Carol Burnett Show! See link below to reminisce right along with me..

If I hadn't joined David Toppers Noir-November movie challenge I may never had the opportunity to see one of the greatest Billy Wilder films out there! It is everything I could have ever hoped for from Film Noir film and so much more! Seriously it's all that and a bag of chips!

Gloria Swanson didn't simply bring a character alive on the big screen, she literally transformed into this bigger than life persona that is Norma Desmond! It was an extraordinary privilege to witness Gloria Swanson in such magnificent form!

The lavish sets are a feast for the eyes!

I can't leave William Holden out of the review he was brilliant as the down on his luck boy toy!

Strongly recommended!

Recommended by David Topper via my list "Movie Request Hotline"
Thank you so much David it was a tremendous movie experience I will never forget!

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