The Beyond ★★★★★

Fear is a strong emotion, I recall as a teenager walking the curvy serpentine road that led to my home one afternoon when out of no where a speeding car came barreling round the blind corner barely missed penetrating my flesh with its grill! Eyes growing ever wider.. I pretty much had that startled look of a deer caught in the headlights down pat! Left me breathless, the pounding of my heart was mind numbingly loud! Even as I succumbed whole heartedly to the fear that gripped me I couldn't help noticing that I had never felt so alive!

Some people watch these kind of films because they are devoid of all emotions and watch films hoping to trigger that emotional release that has been denied them! I watch these types of films not because I'm one of the jaded walking dead but because I simply want to feel that exquisite feeling of feeling alive over and over again!

To be honest with you if I really think about it I have to admit there are films out there with better scripts, better acting, more developed characters no doubt about it but you'll NEVER find a better film when it comes to experiencing a bonafide honest to goodness waking nightmare!

The nightmarish onslaught of dread, hopelessness, the inescapable fear that permeates you to your very core are all too real! Anyone out there who has experienced sleep paralysis knows all to well the unbearable fear of having your body betray you!

Body frozen in position pretty much like the man who fell from the ladder and lies there totally helpless to fend off the multitude of spiders whom viewed the juicy, gooey, tender flesh in and outside of his head as a succulant, exotic delicacy to slowly and meticulously devour (the audible munching of said spiders added to the repulsive nature of the scene), the scream that fails to become airborne, the cowardly heart making a valid attempt at escape as it batters the walls inside your chest hoping to leave you behind to suffer an unspeakable fate!

A nightmare of a film that physically and mentally eviscerates you!

Naughty Approved!

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