The Fly

The Fly ★★★★★

David Cronenbergs Magnum Opus converts mainstream audiences by the droves to worship at the alter of the master of body horror! Accolades from critics and audiences alike were pouring in making this the most heralded film in his gruesome repertoire not to mention a slam dunk at the box office with The Fly becoming the biggest commercial success story for the non-mainstream director!

Jeff Goldblum's powerhouse performance as the brilliant, up-and- coming scientist Seth Brundle was as terrifying as it was astonishing! The emotional range expressed by his character put us through an emotional roller coaster ride! Making it literally impossible to not feel his pain! Strangely affecting, oddly touching which made the horror that much more jarring!

The practical special effects involving costumes, puppetry and make-up were beyond brilliant and received endless praise!

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