The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2 ★★★★

#26 of 31 - CineMonster's HOOPTOBER 4.0

More mutant cannibal antics with plenty of violence and gore! The setting is ideal, the premise involving the army national guard with their military training and weaponry going toe to toe with mutant savages whom live off the land and consider humans livestock and brood mares made for an entertaining face off!

It's no War and Peace but obviously when I choose a film like this I'm not looking for anything other than low brow entertainment full of gratuitous violence, oodles and oodles of blood & gore, mutant shenanigans, cannibalism and epic death scenes and I'm here to testify that you get that and more in this film! You need another reason to see this film I'll give you a biggie! My grimace meter nearly blew a gasket during a scene that was so ghastly I squirmed and grimaced in my chair the whole time! I was afraid my face would be stuck like that for forever.. all squinty and scrunched up lol Gravity saved the day however so life is good ;-)

The scenes that were intentional grossout material were hilariously disgusting! All in all I had a good time!

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