The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ★★★★★

You would have to live under a rock to be unaware of the many critic's suffering from Chronic "Panties in a Bunch" Syndrome after viewing this film! This irksome disease has spread like wildfire as evidenced by all the regurgitated reviews!

Well its lucky for me I'm immune to the dreaded "Panties in a Bunch" syndrome and am fully capable of forming my own opinion!

The first course of the 3 course prequel offering was a tasty morsel that left me salivating and begging for more! And the cliff hanger is a real humdinger! I'm so elated I can barely contain myself!

The only things different from the prior films was there wasn't a strong sense of impending doom from beginning to end! At first it is lighthearted good fun with a dash of mystery and danger! The deeper we get into the story the darker it becomes! Also it didn't have the same star power as the other films but to be honest I barely noticed it!

Cinematography can best be described as Eye Candy! I loved the Thunder Battle scene immensely! Filled with action, humor, and Gollum gone wild! Orcs, trolls and other nasty critters make this a wildly enjoyable film! The film hit the right spot in my book!