The Mist

The Mist ★★★★★

The impossible just became possible when a whole slew of monstrous creatures reared their ugly heads amongst the mist that has engulfed an entire town! As we delve deeper into the story it becomes an incredible film about the breakdown of society when machines, communication, government and other safety nets are no longer working or available!

Law and order no longer applies when people are driven solely by their fears! It becomes a mob mentality, just one step away from sacrificing virgins to the volcano gods! Common sense, trust and basic human decency become the first casualties! As much as we like to think of ourselves as being intellectually evolved and enlightened it doesn't take long for us to de-evolve to that of the primal state of a hairy knuckle dragging caveman when sustained fear, chaos and panic rule the day!

3 years ago I gave the film 4 stars, tonight I had to bump it up a couple notches to 5 stars! During my previous viewing I was taken aback by the direction the film had taken, basically the monster aspect of the film took the proverbial backseat to the human drama unfolding onscreen revealing the fact that when push comes to shove we humans are capable of doing far worse things to each other than any creature Stephen King could ever dream up!

Now don't get me wrong there is plenty of blood, gore and horror involving those rascally monsters! In fact there are some very intense scenes that had me white knuckling it in my recliner! I'll warn you ahead of time there is a scene that will haunt you for days afterward! Yes it is that devastating! It is something I once took Mr. Stephen King to task for via snail mail back in my mid twenties because I had never experienced something I considered sooooo taboo in a novel before! Now I look back and laugh at my extreme naivety at the time, so you see I've evolved since then.. that or I've simply become jaded ;-)

3rd time's the charm I guess.. I consider this film to be an absolute must see!

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