Titanic ★★★★★

Decadent tale highlighting humanities greatest failings arrogance and the privileged few sense of entitlement, riddled with a hokey, highly improbable romance!

Soon enough the opulent class learns death is the great equalizer! And the arrogant are soon brought to their knee's by this humbling tragedy!

As far as the romance being slightly off putting I came to a whole new understanding of this strange shipboard romance! I believe the youthful love between Jack and Rose represented the lives, the hopes and the dreams of the victims and survivors of the tragic sinking of the titanic!

I will never forget the ship orchestra's courage and noble actions during the ensuing tragedy! Cameron portrayed the duality of man! Highlighting the very best of mankind as well as the very worst of mankind!

A beautiful, harrowing, well crafted film that ultimately sunk my heart to the cold, murky bottom of the sea resting along side the titanic!

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