Midsommar ★★★★★

NZIFF2019 #36: Ari Aster, you brilliant demented man, you did it again! Totally love this exploration of loss and grief, led by another fantastic Florence Pugh performance - she shines in whatever she appears in right now. The ideas and visuals are gruesome and horrifying - some scenes are torched onto my brain and will haunt me for days. Also surprisingly funny which provided some relief from all the trauma that you’re put through.

Cinematography was on point, and really enjoyed the score, it’s going onto my repeat cycle for a few days now. Another movie in which I’m glad I avoided all trailers for - best to go in not knowing or seeing anything other than the odd poster.

Ari Aster is fast becoming a legend of the genre (along with Jordan Peele), here’s hoping he can keep this up as I'm seriously loving it.

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