Midsommar ★★★★★

Yes indeed, I've now seen the Director's Cut for Ari Aster's brilliant film.

Everything that made me a huge fan of this film the first three times. Aster fulfills the already long runtime to now clocking in at 2 hrs and 51 mins.

Asters new cut is simply even better than the Theatrical Cut and not only does he expand on the central core relationship. But, he brings more of an emotional punch. In fact, I cried, my fourth time seeing it. I can't believe I cried. But, that's how masterful Ari Aster is as a director.

It really is the superior and fuller version and its a shame that it won't be on its blu-ray release come this October.

I hope everyone gets their chance in seeing this film just one more time, despite it being in select theaters. Though, I was lucky enough in Illinois of all places to witness my favorite film of the year just one more time. Now even further proving that no film this year will be like this and no film will top this beautiful Masterpiece.

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