Midsommar ★★

there is a lot i want to say here so bear with me (haha get it...bear....)

i admit that i haven't been watching much horror the last year and a half, so i don't know if i'm even allowed to comment on horror films anymore but here we go
> midsommar's big twist is that florence pugh is actually a normal and reasonable gf

> the entire 2.5 hour long run time i was thinking about all the stupid headlines i'm going to be reading the next month like, "Ari Aster's take on Girl Power: Horror after #MeToo" & "We Decoded Every Symbol from Ari Aster's Summer Time Horror Flick, Midsommar, So You Don't Have To"

> the start of the film until title card drop were great. truly, the tone was set so well...i felt that is almost all i needed to see (kind of like the first half hour of hereditary until the decapitation) i do think it's brave to show suicide so blatantly

>> that being said: as the film goes on and we get to the ~~~~GROSS OUT SCENE OF THE YEAR~~~~, it feels different when we see the aftermath of the rock jumpers. it feels wrong but not in the cool horror movie way, but in the way that is trying to go over the top just because.
the first time i ever saw a head get smashed the fuck in like that was in the film FOUND. and it changed my life, midsommar head smashed in swedish jump FEELS different. i don't know the right way to say it, but i kept thinking during this scene about cannibal holocaust, like how the in your face gore is in there just as snuff in a way?

> i knew this was going to be bad as soon as i read that aster had a new film coming out in the summer. it's much too soon to have a new film of hereditary's caliber (not that hereditary was THE BEST, but it definitely had the juice) being released. it's just not possible to have an idea developed and executed in that short amount of time for a new ~feature film director~

> nothing in this flows, the script mathematics don't add up, the thesis part was the easiest stupidest way to have a character explaining exactly whats going on, on screen, essentially treating its audience like slightly more informed idiots.

> this was too long! tension building scenes DO NOT EXIST, no scene left any lingering thoughts in my head. There is no feeling in MIDSOMMAR it is soooooo empty, you can hear the wind blowing through it

> heavy handed imagery, poor "world" building

> respect for how massive this looks though, the set is really nice, some decent camera work & shots that i enjoyed

> 2019 year of dicks out on screen >> this movie is rated 18A (which is tough to get in canada) ((but u knew this would happen due to the graphic violence)) so why not wild the fuck out, like get NASTY, everything was so tame

ok i might add to this as i think about it more but i'll leave you with this,,,,,,,,,,midsommar isn't it

*** i got asked for I.D to see this movie which gave me quite a laugh
**** this amazing group of three probably 15 year old girls showed up to opening night wearing matching Midsommar A24 T-Shirts, with a parental guardian who had to buy their tickets. They made her sit on the opposite end of the theatre, and they fucking clapped when the A24 logo appeared on the screen. there is so much to say about this, and the cult of a24 / enhancing the movie going experience...perhaps even the future of the movie going experience. ahhh Gen Z

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