Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★

It would have been so simple for Jonathan Demme to have a few cameras covering the concert, but only switch to those cameras on occasion in a pattern. A close up, a wide angle of the stage and a focus on the crowd/audience. Rinse, repeat. Same old, same old. Collect the paycheck.
What he does is so much better. We get unique camera angles and a focus on how engaged the entire band is during performances. We get stand out moments from the backing vocals to the drummers, and shots that other concerts might never have included in their focus of a concert. And those cameras are rarely static. There's fluidity, even when we're in closeups, of something else that caught their eyes that needs to be shown.
Add to that the energy that David Byrne has as the leading vocals and front man of the band, and it's hard even as a non-fan of most of the Talking Heads to not be won over by how fantastic this concert film is.

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