The Mist

The Mist ★★★★½

Scavenger Hunt 79 October 2021
Film 13/31
21. My biggest inspiration as a storyteller is Stephen King. A highlight of my career was being on a notes call with him even though the film never went forward. Watch a movie based on a Stephen King novel or short story.

"You can't confirm to some people there's a fire even when there hair is burning."

The film's cinematography was only improved by offering a color free version of this film. It's my preferred way to watch this film, a true send up to the kaiju and monster horrors of old, where the horror isn't what you exactly see, but the tendrils, the fangs, the monster obscured just out of frame that lets you imagine the worst.

Like all of Steven King's better horror films, the horror isn't what is out in The Mist. The horror is the time spent with other people in a confined space. Especially when some of those monsters are spouting their zealous beliefs in a world full of unbelievers.

Don't get me wrong, the scary bugs are very, very scary. Do not want to spend times with them in any capacity.

The small judgments made against a single mother worried about getting home to her kids whom she didn't get a babysitter for, since she was only going to be a few minutes at the store.

The petty squabbles that erupt when the power goes out, and everyone tries to get their decision to be the one who's heard and follows their advice.

The longer the power is out and The Mist surrounds the building, the more unhinged everyone becomes.

The film's ending is very, very divisive. I get it, though, and it fits with everything that came before in the film, the bleakness of continuing in this horror more than anyone can take, so doing what you think is the right thing to save someone you love from suffering.

If you haven't seen this film in a while, might be a time to respin one of Darabont's better horror films.

Also, hits a lot harder following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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