tick, tick...BOOM!

tick, tick...BOOM! ★★★

I really liked Garfield's performance. Larson's character is annoyingly self-pitying and myopic, but seems to really believe in the value and beauty of what he is doing, which, if not enjoyable to watch, at least feels honest. i don't know much about the theater world, but i think it feels human how it accepted that a certain amount of ego goes hand in hand with getting to the real learning and catharsis that comes with making truly great and moving music/lyrics. not sure the story really comes to a conclusion on whether or not he really changes, which: meh. the movie kind of nods to the fact that Larson should probably be more present and prioritize his friends suffering from AIDS or his girlfriend that is constantly trying to support him and get the support she deserves from him too, but oddly doesn't really do much about it other than turn it into a song. which: ok? maybe that's how he grieves, but it doesn't change much in terms of a commitment to those people when it matters. ech.

anyway. though nothing can replace the exhilaration and living performance of Broadway, for me there was enough of that talent and magic here to make the songs and the story enjoyable and heart-felt. supporting cast was good! really fun numbers particularly in their tiny apt and with Garfield/Hudgens manic puppet energy!

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